Simcoe Sealer’s premium dirveway sealing is our primary service. The company started as exclusively driveway sealing in 2003. We have over a decade of experience sealing driveways and tout our precise, clean, and smooth driveway sealing process. Unlike many other driveway sealers in the area, our team consists of highly experienced professionals who are eager to get that next job done and make sure all of our customers are happy with the work that is done.

Services Included in our sealing procedure:

– Grass and weed removal
– Sweeping and blowing away of any debris
– Seal of partition at the end of the lane way

Additional services include crack filling and asphalt repair.

We seal with a 100% oil-based sealer which is never mixed with gas or diesel. It also contains no sand or stone, so that it can be sprayed in an evenly across the surface. We use edging boards and our years of experience to make sure that any surrounding surfaces do not come into contact with the sealant – ensuring a clean, precise seal. We simply ask that any large objects or vehicles be removed from the driveway before we start the sealing process.